Equates: SocketTools An awesome set of Clarion EQUATES for the SocketTools v8 by <a class="mention" href="/users/davbrat">@davbrat</a> . These posts deserve their own category <img src="/plugins/emoji/images/smile.png" title=":smile:" class="emoji" alt="smile"> Snippets Share and discuss code snippets. The Paste Bin Paste small pieces of code here in order to share them on the cw-chat (or elsewhere!). That way you don't swamp people in skype with a big slab of code. Plus, as an added bonus the code is then available to discuss later, share again, edit, comment on, etc! It becomes a resource to be cherished and nurtured <img src="/plugins/emoji/images/smiley.png" title=":smiley:" class="emoji" alt="smiley"> Interop .NET Interop, ActiveX, COM, Stdin/stdout, web services, whatever you think interop means this is the place!
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