Developers The developers category was born out of need/request. Addins The Clarion IDE from SoftVelocity is built upon the open source #develop IDE (v2.1.0.2447). The IDE itself is based around a small Core System with all functionality implemented in one or more addins. Using addins we are able to contribute functionality to almost any part of the development environment! For full details please refer to the website Jobs Here is a place you can post any Clarion jobs you might have available or perhaps have heard about. Maybe you are looking for work or maybe you have some work that needs doing? Actually, it doesn't really have to be Clarion specific but I suppose we should try to keep it at least IT related. noyantis Welcome to the noyantis category IngasoftPlus Since its start in June 2001, Ingasoftplus has been offering tailor-made solutions for professional Clarion (by SoftVelocity Inc.) developers to make software development easier, faster and more effective. Templates Here is a place to list and/or discuss templates. Either free or for sale! This is a place to post links to the SV blog articles. Have discussions on those articles as well if you want!
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