Accessing server folders from a workstation

Although I’ve been programming solely in Clarion since the DOS version, I have a project that is outside my comfort zone (and knowledge), so I’m hoping someone can help.

I’m looking to reference a folder structure on a server from a variety of different workstations.

Each project created on the Server can store its images on any drive / folder. The location for that specific project is then stored in a config table in an SQL table held on that server.

So on the server, a project may store its data in “D:\event\images”. What I’m looking for is a way for a workstation App to read that location and be able to access it

What technique can I use to read the folder location from the SQL server and then access it from a workstation App ? If it helps, all the apps are held and run from the same folder on the server.

One technique is of course to create a mapped drive, but that would be required each workstation and for each project, whereas I’d like this to be seamless.

Not sure if I’ve explained myself very well… or… it may be a very Noddy / stupid question with an easy answer.

Either way, I’d appreciate some help if possible.

I would create a function on the server to return the folder string and then call this function in your app to set a variable.

Hi TotalHip

Not sure I understand the solution.

I already store the folder path in an SQL table, but its saved as ‘D:\events\images’

If I access that from a workstation then it wont work ?

Or - most probably - am I missing something ?

I would recommend creating the Shares on the server for the drives or folders where the users can store the files. Then use the full unc path from the workstations to access the files.

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My apologies for not completely understanding your question. For a similar config situation, I do essentially what Rick has recommended.

Not a problem… I found it difficult to explain it !

I solved this kind of thing in the past by storing a root folder and using relative paths on everything else. My redirection class was useful for this, as well. It’s on Clarionmag somewhere.

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I’m also a little unsure exactly what you’re after but I think this might help: