AnyScreen Renewal Version

It has been almost a month since getting the AnyScreen subscription renewal request from SV.
I am looking for anyone who actually paid the renewal and received an updated version?
If so, what AnyScreen version was received?

The overwhelming response here really makes me wonder about AnyScreen as a long-term product.

We renewed - the release received was AnyScreen 1.2.1

That seems in line with v13768. Hopefully, SV will keep the two in sync to allow easy testing.

Would be interesting to know how many people use AS. Maybe a voting: I use AS in production, I bought AS and testing, I bought but not going to renew, I didn’t and never will do.

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I would add: I bought AS, failed testing & could not use, but willing to test more in order to determine renewal.

Additional choices: “Haven’t purchased yet, waiting to see how good javascript support is”. “Haven’t purchased yet, waiting for a feature or waiting for a need.”.

Think if they continue to refine we are testing in clarion 11 features such as runtime controls , MDI rendering, Tool bars ect…

And shortly connecting it to a multiple platform scripting engine to allow runtime apps in the product.

If that works we would then demo it, clarion live.