Appointment Planner

A wonderful good morning. I have a question about templates. Is there a template for an appointment planner that you can integrate into your program? I’ve done one, but I’m not so happy with it. Thank you for your answers.

Have a look at Andy’s codejock templates
Codejock wrapper templates – all now CJ v20.3 compatible – noyantis

They work with the CodeJock OCX (activex), the calendar pro may interest you.
Calendar for Active-X / COM | Codejock

and see this post on the price rises and deals.
Codejock Sale Options Plus Price Increase 1st October - marketplace - ClarionHub


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Thanks for the recommendation Richard :slight_smile:

Walter, here is a link to a downloadable demo:-

Any questions, feel free to ask, or better still, why not join us today at our weekly usergroup webinar and I can take you through it… the link to sign up is:-



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