At runtime how to create a screen control (button, image, etc) and drag and drop it and change size

I need to give the user the ability create screen control and drag, drop, move and change it size at runtime, all this by using the mouse. Anyone knows how to do it ?

I’ve made test program which supports all of these features, here is the exe:

Press “Enter designer mode” button to turn on designer mode - you then are able to move and resize all controls.

Hi Mike.

I test the program but didn´t see how to create a new control. All the other features are exactly what I need. Can you send me the source or explanation of how to do it ?


To create a control you just call standard CREATE() function, just find it in the help.
Source code is not for free, I spent a lot of time to implement this.
Short answer “how to do it” - Windows API, I used over 30 api functions in this project.
Sorry if i didn’t meet your expectations.

Hi Mike. Which is the price to obtain the source code and how can I pay it ?

Sent private message.

Check our ksUI library

Updated exe now supports IMAGE controls as well.