Browse locator where you do not have to click the tab key

When I put a locator field on a browse I hate it that I have to click the tab-key to move the selector of the browse.

Field: Loc:Namelocator - Cstring - Options Setting: Immediate.

Right-click on the field - Embed ‘NewSelection’:

CUS:Name = Loc:NameLocator

now when you begin typing in the locator field the selector moves while you type


Nice @pbouma! I suppose you need to be careful though if you have a really big table it might be slow to update.

(by the way, I am going to move this topic to tips category rather than here in docs. I think it works well as a tip!)

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Well, I have have build it in customers app browse for products. They have 29.000 products in it ( for my type of customers that are a lot of records) and that works fast.

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What I would like to know if it is possible to filter the browse on the chracters typed in

Compare the logic of the Incremental Locator with the Filter locator. I’m sure you can put it together from that.

This is standard behavior for the “filtered” locator and for the incremental locator as well.
But be aware that you DON’T CLICK on the search field before typing, just type when you’re in the browse, then the browse will react right away on what you type.

Many users see the search field (locator) and they will click on it and type, but then they need to use to Tab to go back to the browse and get a reaction. So don’t do that.

My locator fields have the SKIP attribute set, so it goes to the browse right away when the screen opens.

My (sql) browses start as page loaded header sort and a incremental locator. Incremental works great because it’s always sorted.

I believe you’ll find that you need to make sure that the IMM attribute is sent on the Entry control too.