Button response to mouse pointer hover - modern button styles

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@Mike_Duglas - I am also interested in how you did this - would you be willing to sell it as template or some other way?

It’s on Clarionshop.com now. Search for “Duglas” and select “Button extender” in the list of products.

@Mike_Duglas Thank you! Really got to figure out how to do such stuff myself, creating extenions/templates

Hello, we bought button extender, how to install it? There is no manual.

Hi Stefan,

Copy the files (buttonext.inc, buttonext.clw) from libsrc folder into your %Clarion%\accessory\libsrc. Also, as mentioned in readme.txt, you need to download following stuff (copy the files from libsrc into %Clarion%\accessory\libsrc, the files from lib into %Clarion%\accessory\lib):

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It was a serious problem to handle hovering the mouse over controls before introducing of the touch support in Windows. All “officially” recommended ways (e.g. the _TrackMouseEvent function plus WM_MOUSEHOVER and WM_MOUSELEAVE messages) worked unreliably - it was easy to leave a control without getting the notification that this happened. Thereby, another approach to handle hovering was implemented in the Clarion RTL. After introducing the touch support in Windows, features provided by the new API was integrated into the Clarion approach.

The Clarion RTL uses the only messages to notify controls that the mouse entered or left their bounds. This message has the number WM_APP+302Dh. NB: this message number can be changed or even discarded in future versions of CW.