C11 too many files


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Thanks for your help. I think I have a path forward. It is working based on 10 good seconds of testing.

  1. yank all gif from main program

  2. create dll prj with gif referenced. I used 2 fake windows. Not sure if I could have just done the pragma link line.

  3. Call dll, open a nothing window, store System{Prop:imageinstance} as a long global. close window

  4. prior to referencing the image files do this dance:

tempLongVariable = System{Prop:imageinstance}
System{Prop:imageinstance} = globalValueFromStep3
(equ){prop:text}= ‘~’ & filename
System{Prop:imageinstance} = tempLongVariable

See any issues?


Hi Jared - Here’s Lee’s reply. Looks like you’re going in the right direction:


Have you any more suggestions here?
C11 too many files

Not signed up so I can’t post but the PROP:ImageInstance is what I use
in my really thin LSi_RSCArbiterClass for extended target support. I
attached the class files if anyone wants to use them but I’d suggest
renaming them so they don’t conflict with RPM usage.

My usage is for target button icons but it can be used for any
resource files and does not have to be used in the global data DLL, it
can be exported from whatever DLL you want and referenced in other


hInst = SYSTEM{PROP:ImageInstance} ! save ImageInstance from current module
SYSTEM{PROP:ImageInstance} = ParentImgInstance ! set ImageInstance to parent module

! set your images using PROP’s as needed

SYSTEM{PROP:ImageInstance} = hInst ! reset ImageInstance to current module

relinkingresources.zip (806 Bytes)