Clarion 10 Office templates

I have a program using the SoftMasters Office templates that have been
working fine until all of a sudden I get this error message:

Group %GenerateNewLocalMethods(ABC) Not Found

and wont compile.


this is not from SoftMasters Office templates. Try to search your template files for this.

On my PC I found it in accessory folder, in Ccsabc.tpl file…

Hi Jos_van_Bragt

From other post that you was looking for Clarion 10, I think you have problem to upgrade to Clarion 10 with old 3th party template.

And I thing you don´t install the Office Template correctly on the new Clarion 10
Compare the Office template on your old Clarion with the new Clarion 10
(You can compare on the Tools\Edit Template Registry)

Also for sure take APP that only use this template from Old Clarion and Open it on Clarion 10 to be sure the problem from this template or other.

Best Regards.