Clarion 6.3 error could not open include file ABWTheme.TPW

I have my dct file and went to create the app and get this error. Would really appreciate some help on this please

Hi Keith

Unfortunately it means what it says. One of your templates (Presumably ABWizard.tpl) is looking for the file ABWTheme.tpw See your template directory under your clarion 6 root c:\clarion6\template for instance.

ABWTheme.tpw ships with clarion, so if it’s not in that directory, then something has gone wrong, and I suggest a re-install to fix the error.

If you can cope without wizarding up an application then un-tick the box before creating the app, and the error should go away.


Mark Sarson

Many thanks Mark. I found the missing files as the error messages came and coppied the files into the templates. All now working. Just so very happy thanks.