Clarion 6 Windows 10 window centering

I’m posting here in a super remote chance the solution to my problem is something simple. I was hired as a PHP dev in a company that has an old Clarion 6 app (huge app with a bunch of modules). I know nothing about Clarion and the one colleague that works with it doesn’t know how to fix this.

Anyway, one of the modules (at least 15 years old apparently with some modifications) has started having an issue that when you open a window inside it, it’s automatically centered and you can’t move it around, it auto centers itself. I only happens on the fresh installation of Win10 with the latest updates. Older installations (but also updated) don’t have this issues and neither do older windows versions. I figured it was a windows problem (fail creator update) and tried everything i could think of and then some but nothing helped. Any ideas ? Thanks a ton in avance

Did you resolve your problem? I’m having a similar issue but screens cannot be moved or resized. This is also with an old version of Clarion and the latest Windows 10. Thanks.