Clarion 9.1 Import Tables from Other Databases

I was trying to import a table from MS-SQL. But the dictionary import wizard only gave the option to import from CLARION DCT.

I had to Open Clarion 8, import the TABLE from MS-SQL. Export and then import into Clarion 9.1

Has any one else had such an experience? More importantly, how do we fix Clarion 9.1 to show all the various TABLE and Database types?

Hi @FoucheRabie,

Do you mean this option in the dct?

When I click on that I see this dialog:

This is in C9.1.11139 though which I think is not the very latest. Which build are you seeing the problem in and is that the same import you are using?

Hello, Yes this is the option I am using. My Version is 9.1.11497. But the only option I have in the Import Wizard is: “Clarion Dictionary”. Nothing else.

Strange! I wonder if there is a way to register the file drivers for the dct importer?

Hopefully someone else has seen this. I will post a link to Skype and see if I can get someone who knows what is going on.

@FoucheRabie I had a response on Skype from @Bruce. Perhaps it will help point you in the right direction:

presumably the drivers have to be registered in the IDE.
register dictionary file drivers, as distinct from “register file drivers” (menu option in Tools menu.)

Excellent! thank you very much. that worked.
Tools -> Register Dictionary File Drivers.

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