Clarion and ERP System Sync

Hi all,
We use Clarion the last 25 years for Development of Medical Information Systems.
Now we have many clients with ERP Systems (Commercial Software) and we need to implement 2 projects and I hope you can help me with your knowledge and if they can implemented in Clarion.
The first concerns the synchronization of a commercial’s software database with an API of a courier so as to print a voucher with the customer’s details from the merchant and to inform the courier company.
The courier company has implement an own API for this.
The second concerns the synchronization of the products of the commercial’s software database with an e-shop in woocommerce.
The commercial software company has web services and can be found at:
We want to use these web services to retrieve the data from the commercial’s software database and send the data either in the courier company and/or in the e-shop database (MySQL).
What third party tools can we use for these projects?
The commercial software company advice to us to use Visual Studio 2017 for all these projects but our knowledge in this is too small because we work with Clarion the last 25 years.
Thanks in advance!
Michael Diamantidis
Vision Computer Applications

You can interface with the other products APIs using Nettalk. It is very easy to use Nettalk for this. You only need the Nettalk Desktop edition to communicate with web service APIs.
There are demos included to help you test the interface interactively.


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Thank you for your answer, yes we think for this now!

Nettalk will be your friend here. I’m using it to connect to various APIs.


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There are many solutions, come on mind ClaRunExt, Catalist, Chilcat, libcurl.

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Our Chilkat wrapper is very strong at interfacing with various APIs. We already use it to interface with EasyPost which is a courier gateway and provides seamless links to 100s of couriers.

We also use it to interface to QuickBooks Online, Xero, various SMS gateways, Google Docs and Calendar, Dropbox, Paypal, Online ecommerce etc etc

It also provides additional functionality such as Rest, Http, Json, Xml, Oauth 1 + 2, Java Web Keys, Cypto2 etc

Its well worth a look :slight_smile:



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Regardless of the software you use (Chilkat, Nettalk, LibCurl etc) - I would recommend taking a look at EasyPost.

Their interface is easy and is free (I think) to query etc. It automatically queries all couriers you have setup within their interface (including any pre-arranged special prices) and returns all the rates available.

If you then purchase a delivery service, then the labels can be downloaded locally in PDF for you to print - at this point they charge you $0.01 (1 cent) for the service - not exactly bad :slight_smile:

They also support address validation.

We’ve added it to an application which supports local and international deliveries and the results are fast, and impressive.



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We already do most of the things you’ve mentioned in our software. IE Webbased Postcodes lookup service, EBay integration (which is a beast) etc etc. We use NETTALK as the webclient to consume the web serivces and XFiles to handle XML/SOAP data.

But, we haven’t created any web services in clarion. All our own web services are created in VS (WCF, C#).

For your communication needs you can use any of the following, that I am aware of:

For your XML/SOAP data:

There could be more options available, but above are the products / companies I’ve used.

Hope that helps


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Thank you very much all for your answers!