Clarion AnyScreen impacting the compiler?

Hi folks, I recently upgraded to Clarion 11 as I wanted to see how I could use or what I might be able to accomplish with AnyScreen. I have come across an interesting issue and wondered if anyone else has had this.


  1. I created a small single window app, generated, built, compiled and it ran fine as an EXE. No issues.
  2. I added the global Anyscreen extension to the project and recompiled and it still ran
  3. I then ran it using the HTML5 AnyScreen execute option (the run icon on the far right of the tool bar) which launched a web-browser to run my app
  4. This then terminated Clarion (it just closed) and I got a socket error in the web-browser
  5. Restarted Clarion and now it will not, for any project, a new project, example project or any project, generate or create a .EXE. It will build and make but does not create an .exe and I could find no way to force it to do so. Project settings specify .exe as the target output.

The only way I managed to resolve this was to re-install Clarion. Once re-installed I could create .exes for the apps I was unable to previously but as soon as I tried to run again as a AnyScreen app, bang, it would crash and stop generating .exes.

I had this happen to me twice and I have therefore stopped playing with AnyScreen and will wait for Clarion 11.1 which is supposed to have resolved some AnyScreen issues.

Anyone else come across behaviours like this?


What release did you install?

11.0.13630 running on Windows10 Pro.