Clarion code for Enumerating Installed Device Interfaces with SetupDiGetClassDevsW

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Hi Menno,
I am very interesed on this function for acces to devices on windows.
Please if you could share the prototype for the function SetupDiGetClassDevsW for me will be very usefull, i have one project in the garage for connect and take a picture with a Honeywell Xenon 1900 Device since 1 year, and your post put light on my way.

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Hi Luis,

Yes, I will make a small app which works and so you have the data structures, prototypes etc.

Not sure it will then be appropriate for your specific project

Thank you Menno for your work on this. I’m watching this thread closely as well.

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Hello Menno,

Have you had any luck with this sir?

Thank you,


  • as more as I expected people like these snippets i wrote in Clarion, I will work on a working app/project which i filter out from my commercial projects and upload in a APP/PRJ.
  1. Project to enumerate ALL devices on your PC, thus this is like Device Manager, mind it shows as well ‘hidden’ devices, those you can exclude, but it is sometimes confusing, it includes the device Volume Manager which you don’t see on the Device Manager of Windows, it’s basically showing what Windows *Disk Manager would show you;
  2. Project which ultra high speed your MS SQL inserts/reads with using native Sqlsrv32.dll which is done by functions like bcp_sendrow , and very confusing, but these set of Bulk functions are working entirely different and are completely unrelated to OTHER bulk operations within this same ODBC set of functions… it is very confusing, but the bcp_ functions can insert millions of records in only a few minutes into MS SQL, by which the other ODBC functions would take hours, not many people are aware of this significant different set of bulk functions with the same ODBC library (very confusing indeed). Thus you DO NOT want these: ! :slight_smile: those are extremely slow compared to the working example I will load up this week in PRJ / APP
  3. a full but then written in Clarion :slight_smile: . I got the original code however in C++ from a good friend Pavel Yosifovich and a genius (he wrote with the current Microsoft Azure CTO) the famous Windows Internals books (Pavel is as well an author on Pluralsight additional he gives Windows Internal and C++ performance courses and much more).
  4. Coming weeks I go dive into from Bruce and I hope to load up prj examples as well. I am very enthusiastic about his new product.