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Reality check - you’ve been around long enough to know SoftVelocity, showmanship, and good timing do not exist in the same universe.

Well things were certainly better in Bob Foreman’s day :smile:

Anyway - new day, new Blog…

We are asking for some help from the Clarion developer community. In my prior post I announced the new Clarion Community Edition along with a new free online training course. What we could use some help with is creating some new example/demo Apps. Any App that shows off some specific functionality of Clarion, whether its simple or advanced, would be welcomed. The App can use either the ABC or Clarion template chains, and ideally uses the SQLite driver. If you use a different driver its no problem, we’ll change it to use SQLite. And it doesn’t have to be an .APP, hand coded programs are also welcome. We are looking to get some nice new apps with a modern looking UI — this will help the launch of the Community Edition. If you’re able to help us with this project we ask that you zip up your contribution and upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive (or your own server) and then email [email protected] with the URL and a note on what your example demonstrates. Thanks in advance to everyone who is able to help us!

Hello, I literally just discovered this forum, it feels almost impossible to find Clarion people.

I programmed in Clarion years ago and stopped at C9, as my studies were all .NET and all the newer stuff.

I have never found anything quite like Clarion, so have dipped my toe back in the waters to discover that a Community Edition will be released which I am very interested in testing out!

Im in Australia of which Clarion devs are almost non existent.

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Hey, welcome @Dredious ! I too am based on oz and in fact we have a private group here that collects together other Australian based folks. I will add you now!

I’m an Aussie. Can I be added please?

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Done! I will @ you over there so you know where to go.

Anyscreen is available now. It’s called [email protected] and SV will honour existing [email protected] subscriptions. AnyScreen is a partnership between the two companies.

In this case I’m glad SV didn’t ship the Community Edition at the conference, because they wanted to support the old Clarion.DAT files instead of SQLite. Conference feedback resulted in the change to SQLite instead.

I don’t know why they didn’t just use the default Topspeed files, because it would result in much less pain when people migrate from the Community Edition to the Professional Edition. But the cost of the upgrade from Community to Professional Edition is going to be $250 (instead of $1000) so I guess the pain is worth it. Enterprise Edition is $500 (instead of $2000)


I’m amazed that no one has a dedicated YouTube Channel on Clarion, similar to what is out there for every other language. Unless there is and i can’t find it.

Clarion really did and does need exposure of which there is nil with regards to the current market of tools.

Hi Dred,

There are a couple channels on YourTube, but if you want a large video repository then the place to go is This hosts multiple webinars every week, and all are recorded and available for download.

More recently we’ve been streaming the webinars to Youtube Live - the channel is here.

You might also be interested in the (free sessions from) CIDC 2019 here
or the (free sessions from CIDC 2017) here

For what it’s worth the SV channel is here;



You can pretty much guarantee SV will gimp the community edition so badly that it will only show off Clarion in the worst light possible. The inability to use 3rd party templates (even free ones) and so forth, just makes the entire exercise a waste of time. The only thing it will do is make prospective users think “Thank God I didn’t purchase it!”

The excruciatingly drawn out death of Clarion continues.

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When the main menu and side windows cease to live their lives separately from the APP editor. I hope everyone understands what I’m asking in my clumsy English !?
Years passed and nothing changes. It’s a shame to show such jambs in Clarion Community Edition!


Clearly you did not listen to any of the speeches about the future of Clarion, etc, etc?
Even less about Bruce and the future role of Capesoft and Clarion?
Try to add constructive ideas instead of detracting.

Ready to listen any time. Was not at DevCon and certainly have not seen anything elsewhere.
Nothing said about this on the ClarionLive wrapup even from Bruce himself.

Clearly you did not listen to any of the speeches about the future of Clarion, etc, etc?
Even less about Bruce and the future role of Capesoft and Clarion?

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Bruce is buying out SV? I don’t believe for a second that Bob Z will give it up. I suspect he’d bury it before letting someone else have a go.

As to adding constructive ideas, we’ve all been doing that for years. Bob simply isn’t interested in anybody else’s opinion. Bruce is usually the first to state that Bob hasn’t got a clue.


Is Clarion Community Edition already available for downloading?

I tried to search, but I did not find it yet.

Kind Regards,

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There have been no announcements from Graham or and I haven’t received an email.


Thank you for the answer.

Kind Regards,

I have contacted Softvelocity (x2) to enquire about the launch date of the Clarion Community edition.
The first response was that a request will be sent to the Product Manager to provide an update.

The second response was that the Clarion Community Edition is not the priority at the moment but an update to C11. Once the C11 update is available the focus will shif to the community edition.


Disappointing - I ques the proclaimed time of late Oct / early Nov has come and gone. But I still
hope for an early X-Mas :smile:


Well they do have a history of over-promising and under-delivering, so I guess I’m not surprised. Still a shame though

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I have been looking at alternatives, and have been using Ninox, which im finding is quite good to work with. Will be looking at Oracle APEX next.