Clarion Feature/Functionality Comparison Between 10 and 11


First of all, I really appreciate this site. It has been extremely helpful over the years and I want to thank all of you who have contributed to its success.

Now, my question:
I have just finished a conversion from 6.3 to 10 of over 100 applications that make up the company suite. I ran into a potful of issues from legacy homemade templates that no longer worked as built to usage of reserved words to just flat didn’t work after the conversion. Having no gotten to a “mostly” working product suite, the question has been posed to me, “should we get 11 now and just do the update to 11”?

I have a personal copy of 11 and probably 70% of the templates we use. So, I tried to do a compile under 11 and it was partially successful, given the missing templates issue. So, now the question is, “Is it worth it to go to 11 right away”? Are there advantages in compiler speed, fewer bugs - you know, all the stuff that would make it worth while to go to 11. I have noticed some minor irritants in 10; but, nothing I would call a show-stopper. It’s certainly the best Windows Clarion I have used.

Any thoughts?

Is there anything in Clarion 11 that you need?

We only move to another build if there’s a reason for that move, if you’re happy with how Clarion 10 is working for you and your customers then I’d stick with it.

Personally we moved from Clarion 6.1 to Clarion 9.1 Build 11529 because of RegFree COM and then to Clarion 11 Build 13505 because of AnyScreen.