Clarion mark Tree Queue

I have simple Queue on window (Tree) and now I need to mark some records (using Ctrl + Click).
Is there some example of how to do that, please?
Thank you.

See “MARK” keyword in the help, but it works not as expected. Usually first column displaying check/uncheck image is better.

Hello Mike
yes I checked Mark but as you said, it does not work :frowning:
I also meant on check/uncheck option on Queue but I don’t know how to implement it.
Do you have some simple example of that, please?

See PROP:IconList, there is an example of handcoded tree with icons and colors.

I see what you mean, thank you for that. Now I have icons on left side of Name field. I suppose now I need to use proplist:mouseDownRow in combination with LISTZONE:Icon to get some value and change icon (if it was 0 I need to set it to 1 and vice-versa? Do you have (maybe) some example for that?

I’d add one extra field to the queue, IsSelected BYTE, to hold selected state then something like this (did not test, just typing here):

case event()
of event:alertkey
  if keycode() = MouseLeft2  !double click
    get(q, choice(?list))
    if not errorcode()
      q:IsSelected = choose(q:IsSelected=false)
      q:IconField = choose(q:IsSelected=false,1,2)  !1-unchecked icon number, 2-checked icon number

Awesome, thank you so much. It works perfect :grinning:

Actually the above code also should check “if field() = ?list”, otherwise double clicking on any control which processes event:alert will trigger select/unselect action.

Thank you, I have no other alert’s so it is fine, but thanks anyway!