Clean Out Missing Template Symbols in App File

When generating from several App files, I get warnings about some missing template symbols. Since these symbols were once part of my own template set, I can confirm that they are no longer used in the now current templates.

My assumption had been that exporting the entire App to Txa and deleting the lines with the missing symbols would eliminate the problem when imported back in the App. However, it certainly was not the case in attempts with 3 different App files. In fact, the number of warnings and the introduction of several odd errors indicates something much worse.

Any suggestions as to what else I might be missing?

Try unregister your template and re-register back.

Thank you Mike for the suggestion, However, it did not have any affect. Most likely, I think, because the Unknown Symbols were included at one time in a template that is still used with most browse procedures in an App.

I suppose it is possible to simply leave the symbols #DECLAREd in the template without generating any related code, but lately I’ve had this strange urge to clean-up odds & ends.

I don’t know if this is a general solution but it worked for me. I exported to a .txa and did a search for the missing symbols. I discovered that they were all within External procedures. I deleted the external procedures from my app and re-created them, a quick and easy thing to do. I don’t know what I would do if they had been in a complex browse, form, report, etc. but, in my case, it worked.