Corrupted app, how to recover?

Does anyone know how to recover a corrupted app? I was importing a txa and Clarion crashed. When I opened Clarion, the app opened, I opened a window, closed it and clicked the save and close. Clarion crashed again. From trying to fix it, I now cannot open the app. I have the txa of the app but it won’t import.
I stupidly do not have a backup. I have the clw’s also. Is there a way to use them to rebuild the app?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Viola,

You can’t recreate the APP from the CLW files. Make sure you zip the CLW files up in case you have to re-create everything.
What errors are you getting trying to import the TXA?
Maybe we can figure out those errors and get the APP back.

I strongly encourage you to use some type of source control system to commit your files (like Git).


this is the message I get when I try to open the app.
GEN: Record could not be found: Module GUID=15cd9c09-48a2-4cc7-9fc9-783cac1aafed

I usually backup my apps and dictionary, but havent’ on this project. Such a doorknob!
I will look into Git. Thanks

Do you get an error when you import the TXA?

No, it just freezes. or appears to then I do an end task. Could it be that I’m not waiting long enough?

Tried to import again. This is the error message, or part of it.
Exception occurred at address 000000E9
Exception code C0000005: Access Violation
Process PID=936 Image: C:\Clarion10\bin\Clarion.exe
Thread 2 Handle=00000CC8 TID=8684

Exception parameters:

EAX=10A64D08 EBX=08FA3BE0 ECX=00000010 EDX=1698EB58
ESI=10A18580 EDI=164D95F0 EBP=1698F190 ESP=1698EB30
EIP=000000E9 FLG=00010246

That’s not good. I’m not sure what you’ll be able to recover. :frowning:

You could try creating an empty APP using your same dictionary.
Then open your TXA and search for [MODULE]. Copy each [MODULE] section to its own TXA.
Then import them one at a time into the APP.
See what works and what causes the crash. Save off the APP inbetween each import.
That might get you close or at least help pinpoint which part of the TXA is causing the problem.

thanks I will try that.

I have restored my app.
The txa was corrupted also. All the procedures were duplicated and just before the 2nd ‘Main’ was some rather strange not quite right code. Of course I didn’t discover this until I was at the last module.

I am back to where I was this morning.
Thanks for your help.

Glad you got it back up and working.
Sounds very strange. I export and import 100s of different APPs all the time and haven’t ever seen something like that.