Could not pass a value to web control property in C11

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We have web application using Clarion web extension. We have converted it from C6 to C11. We just found C11 will treat a variable as a string, that means we could not pass the value to the control.

We have set a property to the skeleton htm file and it will pass the PDF file name to the control to display.

After I compile and check the code in clw file, I got this:
IF (name = ‘cwidth’)
RETURN CreateIntegerValue(pwidth)
ELSIF (name = ‘cheight’)
RETURN CreateIntegerValue(pheight)
ELSIF (name = ‘SRC’)
RETURN CreateStringValue(‘filename’)

It treated the variable filename as string, that we could not display the file.

I have tried to change the "Type of property’ to reference, but I got compile error “No matching prototype available”.

It is strange as we could pass the variable value to a window skeleton property.

the code in clw file is:
IF (name = ‘bgfile’)
RETURN CreateStringValue(bgfilename2_)

Does anyone know how to fix this?



Wrap the bgFilename2_ with ‘’
ec; ‘& bgfilename2 &’

Thanks for your help, I have found I need add ! in front of the filename (!filename).