Display excel sheet or word doc inside a Clarion window

Hi everybody.

Is it possible to open excel sheet or word doc or PDF inside a Clarion window?


I dont know if this displays inside a clarion app About (klarisoft.com) but I think there is a demo app to download and check out.

I dont know how freeform this is CapeSoft Office Inside Excel as it appears to need mapping to dct fields, but I could be wrong.

I think there is somewhere on the internet other excel addons which dont need Excel to be installed on the same machine, ie not using COM, but you’ll have to hunt around for them.

I think this is the one’s I was thinking about
Wayback Machine (archive.org)

Site temporary out (archive.org)

Pdf, yes, using chrome explorer.

Excel and word, not that I’ve ever seen. Office inside let’s you interact with Word and Excel, basically controlling it from your program, but the interface remains external to your program.

For spreadsheets, Klarisoft sells a wrapper for Farpoint Spread. The control itself is not cheap. https://www.klarisoft.com/KSNews_175.htm

They also have a wrapper for TX Text control. TX control is not cheap either. https://www.klarisoft.com/KSNews_idx21.htm

But both of those put the stuff on your window.

Check this:

it is ActiveX developed by Microsoft. It allow you to open Word or Excel inside Window.
You have source and OCX inside ZIP archive and VB examples.

I used to have TXText control and Leonids wrapper, a part of it was in C and it worked quite well, but those customers have long gone now so I dont have it any more.

Thank you all
I will check all and see what is convenient for me

thanks again