Drag and Drop and ~FILE

Has anyone got drag and drop ~FILE to a listbox to work for a browse on a tab?

Are there any tricks

A browse is just a list control with additional backing logic
One tip the DROPID(’~FILE’) is cAse sEnSiTIVe
IOW, DROPID(’~File’) will NOT work.

Hi Mark. The problem appears to be one of parents. The ~FILE seems to ONLY work if the browse is on the window, not in a tab on the window. I have 2 browses on different tabs.

You could try to add a region to the screen with the same size/position as your list controls but let the region itself not reside inside a tab and use that region as a drop target.


Hi @Ton, I also need the line of the browse against which to act. This is what is making this a little painful

IIRC the need for ~FILE at the window level changed around C9 (or so)
In any case it’s here now.

So, move the DropID to the window
when it drops can you just use the selected row of the browse with the most recent focus ?

Either that or some sort of system to get the Mouse X,Y at the point of the drop
This will might be most cleanly accomplished via a WndProc