Driver BUNDLE: In-Memory + Dynamic + IP Driver/Server

Yesterday we bought a Driver BUNDLE: In-Memory + Dynamic + IP Driver/Server (via Softvelocity store) . And softvelocity sent us links for download the latest Clarion 11 post Gold version of that drivers.

The problem is that we still use Clarion 10 (migration to Clarion 11 is planned, but we have a lot of work and still postponing it…).

We tried to get the older version of that drivers (for clarion 10) from softvelocity, but still didn’t manage to get them (lot of emails to/from softvelocity sales, and then silence from their side for the last 5 days ?).
We need that ASAP because we need it for some urgent project.

If we understand correctly, we can use the same serial number for c10/c11 version of drivers?
Which are the last stable versions of that drivers for Clarion 10?
Are there any websites with download links for clarion 10 versions of that drivers? Or can somebody send us setup files?? (please send me a private message if you want to help us)

I would think the new drivers are backward compatible with older versions of Clarion. Have you run into any issues trying the new drivers with Clarion 10?

I tried to install DynamicFileDriver to Clarion10:
In the setup there is no option to choose Clarion version. Default folder to install to is C:\Clarion11. When I changed that folder to c:\Clarion10 and choose to install to that folder: Setup finished very quickly , but it doesn’t extract any files to Clarion10 (except Uninst_DynamicFileDriver_11.0.13630.exe and Uninst_DynamicFileDriver_11.0.13630.log - from the log file it seems that it only updates registry and these two files).
The same Setup to Clarion11 installation folder do as excepted - extract all the files to clarion 11 folder and even register the template.

And if you do fresh install of Clarion10 to c:\Clarion11 folder instead, and then install again DFD?

I really don’t think that folder name must be exactly Clarion11… maybe setup check some ini file(s) or something like that…
I can copy all the files manually (from real clarion11 folder), but I think that won’t be a solution - it seems that the last version of drivers is only for clarion 11, and previous ones was backward compatible (from clarion 6.2 to the last build of clarion10…something like that)…
Clarion distributor for Australia has this options on his webshop (it’s a pitty that this doesn’t exist on clarionshop…)