EasyExcel 4 does not work anymore

Recently I changed computer - now Windows 11. Clarion 11.0.1360
Every time I try to use EasyExcel it trows an error:
(Means: error during loading) - The demo app does that too…
Does anyone know if that can be fixed?
Thanks, Piet Bouma

Hi Piet,

Maybe this is the problem:

EasyExcel supports all Excel version that support COM automation (NOT starter, student or home version ).

Dank je Rob,
I use Office 365.
In an email from Guennadi (Ingasoftplus): (a few years ago…)
“EasyExcel doesn’t work with Office 365 because Office 365 doesn’t support OLE automation”.


But did some test on a Windows 10 computer with the same app and Office 365 and it works there.
Must have done a trick…once

As Rob and you said. Also are you sure that you have Excel installed correctly?

Yes I did. I do not want to be unfriendly but why does EasyExcel not work with Office 365. I think this is used by a lot of folks.
But the trick: I installed an older version of msVisio (2013) and EE works…turns out I’ve done this before
odd? yes do I understand it ? no

It works just fine. just checked it:


Probably it turns On some automation so Excel gets this setting too…