Either the Sources list must contain only one

Hey Folks,

This is a multi-dll app.

I’m getting a compiler that I’ve never encountered and I would like to know if anyone knows how to fix it. Here’s the Error:
Either the Sources list must contain only one File and that File must be a Project File or TargetName must be specified - C:\Clarion10\bin\SoftVelocity.Build.Clarion.targets:72,3

And when I get to the line specified I get this messaged:

I’ve checked and rechecked the Project file and everything looks fine to me. I’ve added a Target file name and that didn’t work, I’ve tried everything even reading the help file and I still can’t get a clean compile.

Any help will be appreciated.

James Allen

That sounds like it comes from the Solution file.
It might be an idea to delete all the .cwproj and .sln and open the exe app and let them get rebuild.

Sean H

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Thanks for the the response, I’ll let you know how it turns out, I’m getting the same error on all the apps, this is a conversion to ABC from a C63 app, so far not to bad, a few screen fixes and such, if I come out of this and that’s all I have a problem with I’m going to be a happy camper.


Project Menu,
Project Options
Application Tab
Enter a “Target Name”


Hey Bruce,

I’ve done this several times. I go to options, add the target name and I get 71 or uncounted errors at compile. I then go back to options, remove the Target Name, compile and get the “1” error, file not found, I don’t know what’s up with this. I did finally get some clean compiles on several of the dll’s in the app, right now I’m still working on some of the others trying all the stuff you so kindly mentioned.

Right now I have no idea why I can’t get the rest of the dll’s in the app to build, they’re just like the others.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Cleaned all the files up in the dll apps and that’s to include the main exe.
  2. I went to the main and had it rebuild the solution all over again and added all the apps.
  3. I killed the project and had that rebuilt.
  4. I killed the solution and did that again.
  5. Checked all the disk to make sure the dll’s weren’t winding up somewhere else.
  6. All the apps have been cleaned from old files.

What have I missed here?

I do appreciate the wealth of knowledge that exist here.

Thanks for the help Bruce.


When you say “you get 71 or more errors when you have a target name”, what are they?
You have to have a target name. Solving the other errors seems like the path you need to take.

Yes, what Rick said.
The number of errors is not important. The content of the first few errors is important.
So it sounds like setting the Target Name was the correct thing to do - now you need to investigate the next correct thing to do.

In order to help with that we need to know what the first few of those 71 errors are…


Hey Rick, Bruce,
I’m just shot in the foot, I’ve been working on a iMac with Windows 10 and a VM, and everything has been fine until Microsoft had a major problem trying to install build 1809 over 17 something, they couldn’t install the upgrade and it kelp driving me crazy wanting to restart my machine every little while, finally they sent me a note giving me the direct download link to 1809. I installed that after making sure everything was backed up and now that’s broke Coherence Mode in Parallels, it’s driving me nuts, so now I’m moving everything to my 17", 64bit Asus GH73JH, this thing is a power house and as soon as I get everybody installed I’ll get back to work, I’m in hopes that this may cure up some of the problems I’ve been having, who knows?

I’ll come back here and let you know how I’m making out, I really do appreciate all the help.

James Allen

Ok, I’m back up and loaded, I upgraded Windows 10 Home Edition to the Pro version and what a difference working on a Mac, the Mac keyboard works in Windows 10 Pro just like it does on the Mac, man what a difference that makes.

I’ve been away from programming for quite a while an things have changed, I’m getting all these compiler errors from the “new to me” generated file File name truncated to _sf.clw, here’s the errors I’m getting.

No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:3
Unknown identifier: OVERRIDEOPENMODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:9,16
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:11,7
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:13,9
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:14,9
Unknown identifier: OVERRIDECREATE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:22,11
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:25,10
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:25,48
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:28,8
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:28,46
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:30,8
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:30,45
Unknown identifier: FILE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:31,13
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:34,10
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:34,49
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:37,13
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:39,13
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:44,8
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:44,44
Wrong number of parameters - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:52,9
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:55,10
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:55,48
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:57,10
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:57,48
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:61,9
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:63,9
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:68,8
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:68,50
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:72
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:74,10
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:74,9
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:76
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:78,10
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:78,9
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:80
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:85,6
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:86,24
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:87,8
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:88,44
Unknown identifier: SAVEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:88,24
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:90,48
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:90,24
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:100,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:101,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:102,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:103,3
Unknown identifier: WARNINGID - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:104,8
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:107,12
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:111,21
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:116,13
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:120,12
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:125,12
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:130,22
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:134,44
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:134,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:138,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:142,43
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:142,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:143,31
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:146,43
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:146,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:147,29
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:150,43
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:150,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:151,24
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:154,44
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:154,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:155,29
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:158,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:159,12
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:164,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:165,12
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:169,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:175,13
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:177,14
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:180,13
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:185,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:191,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:195,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:197,12
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:200,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:204,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:209,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:214,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:219,32
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:225,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:229,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:230,28
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:233,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:238,25
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:238,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:242,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:243,12
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:246,25
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:246,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:250,8
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:251,13
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:255,13
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:261,36
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:261,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:265,8
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:266,13
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:267,27
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:271,13
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:272,29
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:277,11
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:281,11
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT2 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:286,61
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:286,18
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:287,20
Unknown identifier: WARNINGTEXT1 - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:291,33
Cannot RETURN value from procedure - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:299,11
No matching prototype available - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:303
Unknown identifier: SAVEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:305,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:306,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERRORCODE - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:307,3
Unknown identifier: SAVEFILEERROR - C:\Clarion10Apps\Mdp10x\MdpGlobx\MdpGl_SF.CLW:308,3

Any help getting this cleaned up will be appreciated very much.

James Allne

This is a legacy app right? have you looked into this CLW to see what’s wrong?


Ok folks, here’s the update

Ain’t this a kick in the pants, I moved this whole thing to Clarion 11, to the latest build 13372 ,and everything cleaned up and compiled.

Now I’m down to these two errors in the .exe app and I can’t find a way to get rid of them. I think this is a leftover where I took out the old Gizmos PathManager that’s no longer available, I’m really not sure. I found the files in the Application Builder Class Viewer, “Class Method List’ but I don’t know how to delete the source of these two errors and I can’t find where they’re coming from either. Sure need some help here.

These are the two errors
Field not found: GETDIR - C:\Clarion11Apps\Mdp505abc\Mdp50\Mdp505.clw:343,43
Unknown function label - C:\Clarion11Apps\Mdp505abc\Mdp50\Mdp505.clw:343,27

Top two lines in the window below.

This is from the code section of the Mdp505.clw of the .exe app.


  HELP('MDP202.HLP')                                       ! Open the applications help file

errors in these two lines
  INIMgr.Init('.\Mdp505.INI', NVD_INI)                     ! Configure INIManager to use INI file
  SYSTEM{PROP:DataPath} = svSpecialFolder.GetDir(SV:CSIDL_PERSONAL, '' & '\' & '')

  MdpGlobx:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpCallx:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MDPFREOX:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpPurox:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpCmpx:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                       ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpTranx:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpInvnx:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpEquix:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpTimex:Init(GlobalErrors, INIMgr)                      ! Initialise dll (ABC)
  MdpGlobx:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpCallx:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MDPFREOX:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpPurox:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpCmpx:Kill()                                           ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpTranx:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpInvnx:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpEquix:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)
  MdpTimex:Kill()                                          ! Kill dll (ABC)

Thanks for all the help from you guys, when I finally get this whole conversion thing done I do a recap of the whole process.

James Allen


Yeah this thing is legacy but I’m finally converted it to (ABC) and yeah I’m looking at the .clw but to be real honest I’ve kelp Clarion up to date mostly but I’ve not written an app in years, so I’m having to find my way back, to jump on the conversion out of the box is a shock to say the least, sure do appreciate this forum, I read the manual but all the answers are just not there.

Anyway thanks for all your help.


Check the global properties of the app, the INI bit on one of the tabs. svspecialfolder isn’t included unless you have a CSIDL checked for the ini file.

Hey seanh,

You are right and that cleared those errors right up, many thanks I just learned something new, now as soon as I find why the compiler is telling me that it can’t find a couple of .lib files from the dll’s this thing should run, I hope.

Job well done.

James Allen