Figuring out NetOauth in Nettalk

Thanks, Bruce. As an interim solution/measure, I’ve written a Python script that fetches the tweets and saves them (JSON) to a text file. The script has the consumer key and secret, and the access token and secret, included in the script. I’m aware, I’m guessing, this is far from ideal. This is a single user app, me, on my desktop. From the Clarion app, I use RUN to execute the script as part of a cycle (a “step machine” is how you referred to it, if I recall, when I asked you a question about this sometime ago) of other processes. That will get me through the hurdle of, and the desire to, get something up and running… while I work to figure out how to do this within the Clarion program itself.

… Or just create technical debt.

What’s throwing me off is that I already have, via the Twitter developer site, the consumer and access tokens/codes. I don’t need to go out, or I’m thinking I don’t need to go out, to another service to get them. They’ve already been established. I’m probably missing something fundamental.