FileDropClass: Force NewSelection

Surprised I have not encountered this before and am curious about making it more efficient.
I have tried many DropFileClass method(s) and only get the desired result with the most inefficient.

a) Two standard ABC template controls - Combo & Drop.
b) On TakeAccepted of the Combo, want to force a NewSelection of the Drop table
based on a hot field value of the Combo table
(ie DropTableFieldDefaultValue = ComboTableFieldValue
c) Using DROP.ResetQueue(True) does accomplish this BUT
it involves refilling the Drop queue from the server.
d) If the Drop queue records do NOT need to be updated (same filter, same order),
which method(s) will force a new selection & new choice of the Drop to be displayed?

Have you tried something like:
?DropList{PROP:Selected} = POINTER(Q)

Then POST(EVENT:NewSelection,?DropList)

This code seemed logical to me but it did not work.

The problem appears to be forcing CHOICE(SELF.ListField) in the FileDropClass.TakeNewSelection to return a new value rather than the previous choice. I thought for sure the GET & PROP:Selected would do this but evidently not.

Yeah, there’s other stuff going on too. TakeNewSelection always does a RESET(View) anyway. Not sure how you’re going to do this with the FileDrop class without hitting the table. Unless you use IMDD or fill a queue or something.

Just now trying something close to your suggestion BUT moving it into a new derived method for the FileDropClass — perhaps called ResetChoice.

Maybe after some good cursing of PRIVATE data, I might get somewhere.

Maybe this would help.