Filter in ComboBox

I have 2 combo box. the first one the parent and the other one is the child. I would like to filter the child combo box when i selected the parent combo box.

Here is my table structure:
id,description, parent_id

i have embed point on takenewselection of parent combo with the following code:
FDCB::View:FileDropCombo{PROP:SQLFilter} = 'parent_id = ’ & parent_table:Id

But its not working.


Remove that code.

Apply a RangeLimit to your child drop combo, in the actions for the the drop combo. Limit on file relationship to the parent file.

Now, in the TakeCompleted embed for the parent drop combo place…


…where FDBCx is the name of your child file drop combo.

Thanks, what im missing in my code is the resetqueue, which i already added, but I will try your suggestion.

Thanks a lot