Fomin reporter prints to wrong printer

Hi, so I use Fomin reports for my reports. A customer with a computershop has several printers on his counter in the shop. If a customer brings in a repair he first prints a label to the labelprinter. After that he wants to print an invoice…auch that goes also to that labelprinter.
If he clicks on the button print (invoices) the following window appears:

This window is in fact the printmanager from Fomin. Oleg made it so that you can set a certain printer for a certain task in that window (in the column Printer). Fine, it works on my computer, but that does not work for that customer.
Now I made a browse ‘Reports’ in which you can select a printer that belongs to a certain report.
If the user clicks on a report in the window shown here it selects the correct printer.
Still the customer complains: after printing an invoice after printing a label the invoice prints to the labelprinter.
Any ideas ? Thanks. Piet Bouma

What OS?

It is possible to create a printer on windows (printerA) and redirect jobs to another printer (PrinterB) in the event the 1st printer is offline, busy or in some cases PrinterA has had its settings changed to point to PrinterB, it can simply be a windows port setting in the printer’s configuration window.

Windows Server OS’s offer more rules and facilities to redirect than workstations, which can even take into account time of day a printer is available or not, ie if a room is locked outside of hours.

As its working on your machine, but not your customer, I’d start with the window settings on their machine. Some printers also have settings to redirect to other printers, so its worth checking the printer settings.

HP’s management port is 3911 so you can access most of the HP business printers direct by going to http(s)://LanIPaddress:3911 in a web browser.

Other printer manufacturers may have different ways to configure the printer direct, but HP have been popular with businesses and networked environments.

Personally I think its a windows setting, rather than it being a printer configuration setting.

That’s interesting. Apparent question: what is the environmental difference between your computer and that customer? What can really help, if I can duplicate the issue.

Fomin Report Builder uses DEVMODE structure (Windows feature) to store and set printer for a specific report. In this case predefined printer name displayed in the “Printer” column. Otherwise, the report will be sent to current application context printer.

UPDATE: I believe support for DEVMODE is printer driver dependent. One printer can work ok, other may have an issue. Another thought: it worth to try local printer instead of UNC path network printer.