Form screen goes behind browser

Hi Hard Core clarion followers, quick question , C11 , have this problem form keep showing under browser and everything after , does the same . does anybody knows why , thanks guys .

Its likely one or more of the screens do not have the MDI Child attribute on.

When in windows initalization of the child window you have some extra code, before open window, that behaviour happened…

A screen capture may help. MDI has an obvious different look than Non-MDI

Could you be doing a START() which would put it in a new Thread? Then the Browse refreshes and takes focus. Can you click on Browse and give it focus while the Form is open?

Thank you Bruce , I check all the screens have MDI child on …

I do have code in windows ini , but the weird things is sometimes work , and sometimes doesn’t , is pretty annoying because the form is smaller than the browser and when I click the form goes in the back and I can no access "I use CTRL C close it .

Try setting 0{PROP:Active} = TRUE

Are you doing anything to the window in the form initialization? If so, is the window opened yet?

Thanks mark , haven’t found the problem yet , is so random , in any case will continue trying .