Hi all. Looking for opinions on the UltraTree templates

Hi all. Looking for opinions on the UltraTree templates.
I’ve been using the SV MultiChild templates, but there’s proven to be a lot of effort to get where I want.

Wondering how others feel about them.

Hi Sean - It will definitely take you some effort to get you where you want to get, but Ultra Tree is very full featured and well written. It’s big, though. Those template dialogs do a lotta stuff and it can take a bit more time to load than you might be used to in the IDE. (I was using C6 though, so maybe it’s faster in C11)
It’s classes + templates.

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Hmmm. Where to start?

Bottom line for me – can’t imagine how my Clarion apps could exist without it.
I have worked with UT from the beginning and have managed to bring things forward with each new version. Phil provides fantastic support and has always been open to suggestions for changes and improvements. In fact, I’ve got a short list right now.

There are still features I have not used (ie recursive trees, tags), but without doubt UT has allowed me to take advantage of PostgreSQL server views with ease & speed like nothing else. Sure, it takes some time to get your head around UT classes. However, the templates are very well organized and
should get you going quickly.

Feel free to contact me directly, if you would like any more details.


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