How do I add items to the popup window

I have check boxes on my update window that I would like to add to the popup window that shows up when you right click on the browser window. I want some of my check box selections to show up below the Insert, Change, and Delete selections.

If it’s ABC, the browse object has a popup object. You might want to check out the popupclass in the help. Popup.AddItemMimic() is very useful, but not sure that would support checkbox type of stuff.

Steve, what do you want to accomplish with the popup?

The AddItemMimic method Jeff mentions only works for Buttons and Menu Items.
You can use AddItemEvent and post an Event:Accepted to your check box control, but sadly that doesn’t change the value of the check box. To do that in code you need to use CHANGE(?CheckControl,NewValue).

I’m guessing you want the popup choice to toggle the value of the check control. If so, I’d put a hidden button on the window and then use AddItemMimic on the SELF.Popup.AddItemMimic(‘CHECKBOX’,?CheckControl).
Then in the button Event:Accepted, toggle the value with CHANGE(?CheckControl,NewValue).

I don’t use ABC a lot but it looks to me at the end ThisWindow.Init() after all Brw#. class calls (and Set Alerts) I would add calls to Brw#.Popup.AddItemMimic()

I used SetAlerts back when I did ABC stuff…