How to make AutoUp Function properly [FM3 / Compiled under Clarion 10]

Hello Guys,
I’m trying to use the autoup function by FM3 in my sample program. I attached the source here for reference. (2.0 MB)
What I’m trying to accomplish is to automatically update the table structure of customer whenever I want to update/add specific column on the dictionary. Based on their document(FM3) it automatically upgrade the table structure using autoup function.

The instructions that I followed was before changing the customer table, I will add version number(1) to the properties of the table,add the fm3 functionality and check autoup function, and re-compile the source, run the program, and then add new column(tag) in the customers table and change the version from 1 to 2.

After recompiling and running the program, I still got the Error 47 (D00001) Invalid File Structure, which means its not working for me.

Upon Checking on the UPG Analyser, Version changes from 1 to 2 is recorded to upg.tps file

I think there is missing instruction(s) that is needed to apply. I am asking for your help.

Thank you in advanced!! (and please excuse me for my bad English hehe)


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Could it be your app is ABC?
In that case you have to do the following.
Open your app, go to Application -> Utility Template (Ctrl + U), select from the FM3 Class:
SupportABC - Complete FM3 installation for ABC
Recompile and it should be okay again.

This should be done after each Clarion update.


I didn’t expect it to be that easy man, you’re a lifesaver. Thank you so much Sir!!