How to Maximize Window Across All Monitors

Hello All,

How do I maximize a window across all monitors?

Apparently this:

and this:

are involved.

Using WinEvent, I am able to capture the WM_GETMINMAXINFO and I tried this:

    Case WinEvent()
        MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxPosition.x = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_XVIRTUALSCREEN)
        MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxPosition.y = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_YVIRTUALSCREEN)
        MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.x = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN)
        MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.y = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN)
        !0{PROP:Xpos} = MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxPosition.x
        !0{PROP:Ypos} = MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxPosition.y
        !0{PROP:Width} = MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.x
        !0{PROP:Height} = MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.y
        MyColor.Trace('TransparentWindow - WinEvent - WM_GETMINMAXINFO ' & MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.x & ' ' & MaxInfoGrp.ptMaxSize.y)
            0{PROP:Xpos} = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_XVIRTUALSCREEN)
            0{PROP:Ypos} = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_YVIRTUALSCREEN)
            0{PROP:Width} = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_CXVIRTUALSCREEN)
            0{PROP:Height} = CLRGetSystemMetrics(CLR:SM_CYVIRTUALSCREEN)

But this does not work. The GetSystemMetrics call works as expected but the window doesn’t maximize like I want.

Anyone attempted this or have any ideas?



Hi Don,

We allow for this in our G-Visuals product.

Without our product, you’d be looking to query the available monitors, then have a Non MDI window size itself to the left most monitor, with a width that covers all available monitors widths (presuming you query / sort them devices left to right).

Download our demo app ( on the Additional Info tab) - then try out the Child Windows procedure

It will at least give you an idea of how to test it :slight_smile:

Failing that, you could of course just buy G-Visuals and have it do all the work for you :slight_smile: