Labeless prototype at line X of filepath\ - Prototype PARENT call will not be valid for this method!

Anyone seen this error message before?

Bad Prototype in ABC Header File

Labeless protoype at line X of C:\folder\
ProcName PROCEDURE(Parameter),Parameter
PARENT call will not be valid for this method!

Cant find any references to this error message in the docs but it pops up when I load an app file.

The class itself compiles and runs fine so far in testing.

Check the .clw file procedure is missing.

Both the .inc and .clw are in the libsrc folder and it compiles and works.

Any other suggestions?

At some point the rules changed that Procedure Parameter lists must have TYPE and LABEL. It’s not possible for overloading to find the right definition without a TYPE. The template ABC scanner must assume and require both.

Yeah I figured out it was a spelling mistake in the error message, it should read Labelless, ie two L’s.

Using a class to discover what the compiler allows and does not allow can be quite useful.