.LNK files - Why are they created sometimes, and why sometimes not?

@also - Sometimes I see .LNK files and sometimes not.

Is there a particular reason for that?

What is the functional difference between .LNK files and the FileList.xml ?

Thank you.

If all project’s sources have been compiled without errors or existing OBJ are up-to-date, the Project System creates the .LNK file. The .LNK file’s contents are parameters and options for the linker. The Project System removes the LNK file after the linker finished its work if the macros savetmp has value “off”. Default value if this macros is “on”.

I think that *.FileList.xml is using by the IDE to process files after making the solution in accordance with settings for solution’s projects. At least, the IDE creates this files after solution processing is over.


Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

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MsBuild creates the filelist.xml

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Probably. But as far as I can see, some C# class from the .NET part of IDE derived from the Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Task class creates *.FileList.xml after completing of the solution processing if it not exists and writes up to 4 file lists there:

  • created files
  • opened files
  • not found files
  • files to copy