Looking for Clarion Trainer

We are looking for a Clarion Trainer remote work. You can work either full time or on hourly basis part time. If you are interested please reach out to me on [email protected]

This is a good starting point for learning Clarion

Learning Clarion

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What Time zone?
I assume training needs to be pretty close

Thanks much Kevin. Very kind of you to help

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I am actually from IST timezone but can be flexible to connect in any other timezone for training. I was working in Python backend and other automation works but now been transferred to this Clarion development project so I need help to get myself trained.

There are a number of weekly seminars available in different areas of Clarion hosted by ClarionLive. https://www.clarionlive.com/. There are Skype groups that you can also become part of if you choose to do so. Lots of help available there.

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Thanks so much for sharing this information