Make browsing data based on key dropdown

I made a data browsing for a table with the name ‘Omzet’. I want to sorter the browsing data based on the key I specified in the dropdown. In the ‘conditional bihavior’ the condition is ‘CHOOSE (? CurrentTab) = 2’ with the provision of the 2nd key (in order of large to small total values). In ‘Default bihavior’ I cheking ‘Accept browse control from toolbar’. For the default key is specified key 1 (in order of total value small to large). At compile time there were no errors. The problem is, when I select key 2 in the dropdown, browsing data does not follow key 2. In essence, browsing data does not follow the key specified in the dropdown.

Can anyone please enlighten me, I am new to C 11.


I suppose that ?CurrentTab is a SHEET control, not a dropdown list.

You could try CHOICE(?CurrentTab)=2 which will work if you have just 2 tabs.

However, for a more general solution, you could to the following:
In the window editor
a) Name the sheet control something like ?SHEET:Window
b) Name each tab something like ?TAB:KeyName1, ?TAB:KeyName2
In conditional behaviour
c) ?SHEET:Window{PROP:ChoiceFEQ} = ?TAB:KeyName2

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thanks for your advice