Migrate from 6.3 to 9. etc

Hello everyone!
I’ve been working with CW 6.3 for 10 years, I use some templates and I have the File manager in it that works perfectly well.
This semester I migrated to the CW 9.1, I had to make numerous adjustments, several embeds were lost, but it managed to stabilize the code, now the problem is different, the FM3 version in 6.3 is 4.04 and the version in 9.1 is 5.2… No I know if that’s the reason, but if I update a table in 9.1 that came from 6.3 it gives error 47.
After the migration, all tables open, but if I update any of them in 9.1, it gives error 47. Then I have to enter the dictionary and open, 9.1 asks to update the table format.
Is there any way to fix this?
I have more than 100 customers, and in each customer more than 200 tps, you can’t do it one by one… :frowning:


Hi Jorge,

Could it be your app is ABC?
In that case you have to do the following.
Open your app, go to Application -> Utility Template (Ctrl + U), select from the FM3 Class:
SupportABC - Complete FM3 installation for ABC
Recompile and it should be okay again.

This should be done after each Clarion update.

Wow rob_bac!!!
Worked perfectly !!!
Thank you very much, plus this learning.