Migrate my application from C6.3 9058 to C10 or C11(.1)?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of converting one of our main applications, written in Clarion 6.3 9058 EE (Legacy), to a newer version of Clarion.
At the moment I’m still using the latest version of Clarion 10: build 12799, which I only use for our H5 Apps and that’s working fine. So I have also a Clarion 10 IDE up and running.
Now I want to convert our Clarion 6.3 windows application and I’m thinking of using Clarion 10 and not Clarion 11. Because there are some issues/show stoppers with Clarion 11 and 11.1. Perhaps later I can migrate from C10 to C11(.1).

What’s your opinion: stick at the moment with Clarion 10 or use Clarion 11(.1)?

Thank you and best regards

Depends on your issues. I’m on 11.0.13505 with no issues at this point (13644 I have issues with) and about to evaluate 11.1

I find 11 more stable and the IDE better than 10.


For me Clarion 11 has one killer feature, which is the wider template interface. In other words all template windows, extensions, actions and so on is wider than in C10. So entry fields are wider, more tabs are visible, and so on. This has affected my productivity immensely.


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The type-ahead in the dialog for opening a file via redirection is useful too. But you have to type slow or else it can freeze up. But it’s useful.