No one has the right to prevent the clarion from popularizing and perfecting itself over time

I don’t detect any embarrassment in the Clarion community, only frustration (like yourself) that Clarion is not properly marketed, bugs are ignored, and a basic Clarion app looks like it was designed for Windows 3.1

My learning experience in 2019 wasn’t great, given that the documentation is still referring to Clarion 7. Which is why I rewrote the Getting Started and Learning Clarion stuff for C11.

I’m used to the “it’s not a proper database” propaganda because I use Microsoft Access when I’m not using Clarion. I like both, but for different reasons. And when you add all the NetTalk stuff to C11 it is really powerful.

There are plenty of examples of open and frank discussions about the future of Clarion on this forum. I have found this discussion particularly interesting, since I nearly purchased the .NET version, until I found out on this forum and discovered it was vapourware.

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