Number to string

I just have a field value let say qty. And qty has 320.50 value. and I trying to change it into string variable let say qtystr. I use the Format function as below
qtystr=Format(qty,@P######P) and the result is 320 the .50 is missing
can anyone help?


assign it directly,

qtystr= qty

otherwise, if you really need to format use NUMBER @N… format

I’ve try the qtystr= qty but the result will be 320.502030 I only need 320.50.
I Try to use the number @N7.2 format the result __320.50 it still has space in front of the number, how do I remove the spaces? or the spaces can be change with 0 number


x = CLIP(LEFT(FORMAT(YourStuff,YourPicture)))

great it working…thank for your help…

Maybe you also need to round your number with a ROUND(Qty, 0.01) to get rid of exceeding decimals.