Old C9 App to C9.1

I have a app that I wrote using C9 that I use to keep sales here and with my business partner in Florida using Dropbox to keep the tps files in sync. Would like to make some minor changes but realize only have C9.1

Found the app that was created in 2012 but C9 needs to be installed and no longer can find the reg key. Going to write Softvelocity but wonder if they still have it after all this time.

So, any ideas on how to get this into C9.1.

Don Harvey
The Trucking Register

In C11, the licence number can be found in the ClarionProperties.xml file, it looks like this:

Properties name=“SoftVelocity.Lic”>
Name value=“RichClaCode” />
Serial_11 value=“block9-block8-block7-block6-block5-block4-block3-block2-block1-block0-block” />
ClarionSharpSerial_11 value="" />

place the “<” immediately before each line to get the true xml format edited for the webforum.

where block0-9 are 5 alphanumerics and block is 4 alphanumerics. The file is located in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming so this might be unchanged in C9.

The c9 app should automatically open and update (where neccessary) to C9.1, but you’ll need all the templates otherwise the appgen will strip them out.

Do you get any errors opening the app in C9.1? Obviously, work on a backup of the APP/DCT.

C9.1 opens it with just a blank screen. Several months ago had updated this one pc’s hdd to ssd drive but did not move C9. Checking further to try and find reg key.

Thanks, will check this out.