Popup Menu Items for an ENTRY override

What/where are the popup menu items determined when a user selects (highlights) a string in an Entry or Text field? I have done an IDE redirection search for the choice text within all files, but come up empty. My preference would be to NOT display the following choices when not appropriate:
Right to left reading order
Show Unicode control characters
Insert Unicode control character

Might be simplest to just ALRT MouseRight and present your own popup. I had a class that I used for C6.

The default popups are OS generated, I’m pretty sure.

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No problem for the long delay in getting a response. :slightly_smiling_face:

When the field is read only, seems like the choices should be limited. I can see a window manager extension forming - hopefully among quicker neurons than mine.

This is the usual workaround for a Password field since SV prevented paste.

You also want to Alert and catch the AppsKey which is right-click via the keyboard. On mine its next to the right Ctrl key.

AppsKey   EQUATE(005DH)   !Applications/Context Menu Key
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Never would have occurred to me. Does not exist on my life-saving, addiction keyboard.

I haven’t seen that keyboard before
and I can’t find ergoLogic with a quick search
do you have more info about it ?

I found this:
ergoLogic (kbd.news)

Are you talking the IME – Input Method Editor
if so, I wrote a class ctSuppressIME

ctSupressIME - clarion class suppress the right click IME menu appearing on Entry,Spin,Combo and Text controls (github.com)

Originally from KeyTronic and pricey (~$250), I found Ergologic as a generic substitute. At one time there was a cult of folks addicted to those keyboards because of tendinitis issues. After my original KeyTronic failed, I purchased the remaining stock (5) from a tiny shop in California for $15 each. I am down to my last one and hoping it makes it to retirement.

Will be taking a look at your suppress class. Very much appreciated.

BTW, I never looked, but I can’t help but wonder if would be better to suppress the IME popup window via a WndProc.

Possibly look for certain messages like WM_IME_NOTIFY

WM_IME_NOTIFY message (Winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn