Problems with templates settings

I have a 3 year old Clarion licence ( v.11) which I use on a Windows 10 system
The problem I have is that some of the settings I choose in the Windows formatter doesnt seem to save properly. For instance when editing a button I prefer to turn off using styles and color my own buttons. After compilng it seems it is lost next time I go into the Windows formatter.
The same for the browse templates. When I set listbox height to full it may be lost next time I open the windows formatter. i can give other similar examples.

Any suggestions?

I use FULL with a Resize window a lot in my simple utilities as a quick way to have resizing without writing code.

I have seen the FULL be lost often, i.e. AT(0,0) changes to AT(0,0,Width), because in designer I Resize (or maybe Move) the LIST using the Mouse. The Designer should keep the FULL set as dominate, but it does not.

Since I know it happens I usually remember to check for it. When you click on a control you can see the CODE in the Status bar and see the AT() has Width or Ht. When done editing I almost always open a preview, resizing that will show the lack of FULL.

You could write a Procedure Extension Template to check for LIST with FULL that has Width and Height then add a generation warning message. Sometimes you want one of those so in the template you could configure for each control.

One Clarion enhancement I would like to see is FULL allowing parameters (Right Margin, Bottom Margin) so if I code LIST,AT(9,8),FULL(10,20) it would be sized to leave 10 DLUs on the right and 20 at the bottom.

I tried to make a local routine to maximize the listbox as follows (in the browse procedure):

WindowSettings Routine
!Resize listbox

Then I called this routine with "Do WindowSettings " in the Window open embed point.

It didnt work. The whole browsewindow went grey instead.

Other issues:

I have a problem with Clarion that is frustrating. A lot of the time it doesnt seem to behave like it should.
For instance when I set the toolbar to ‘No merge’ it still merge when I have compiled it.
Also for a lot of the okbuttons in forms it doesnt save the name property and then I have to go manually into the code to add for instance use ?btnSaveDocument.

Clarion is supposed to be RAD, but there is nothing RAD about correcting errors multiple times.
If it is my fault, I will accept it. But this seems to be the software.



Thanks for reply.
It seems to work, but I had to take it out of a routine and put the embeds direct into the the window open embed point.

When I tried to call the routine from the window open embed point it didnt find it. Perhaps I put the routine in the wrong place.

If you are using ABC templates the ROUTINE would have to be in the Procedure Routine embed point. In the generated code you would see it after CODE, after ThisWindow.Run() and before you see any class method declarations like ThisWindow. A Routine defined inside a Class is visible only to the class, which can be very handy.