Prototyping for working with DLL of C++ app

Hi guys,

“talking” to other app from CW is not my strength, until I have some basic prototyping done for particular case. I manage later on when initial things are done.

This time I’d like my CW app to talk to Euroscope software (it’s a an air traffic controling sim software).
ES has been made in C++.

I have a dll, I have basic dev docs, I have .h file and libmaker made me a lib file.

Attached all these.

First, do I have all I need to prototype methods in cw and use ES dll?

Second, can someone write down a process in a few words (with some code, please) what would the process be for this, I mean like how would you deal with what you have to achieve the goal.
Like create lib, take .h file, copy this and that to this and that, make a MAP in cw like this etc.

THe sample code I’m looking for is at least two “global” methods mentioned in docs, that init and end the “comms” with dll and perhaps a call or two to class FlightPlan…

Thank you

Bostjan (1.5 MB)

Guys, never mind. I got main instructions wrong. It’s for a plugin, which gets called from ES, not for external app, like mine to talk to ES.