Question regarding Vmware Horizon and RDS

Hi all, I am after a bit of advice if possible. Currently have a C10 written application with TPS back end used by 10 users. Application currently resides on server and users access via desktop shortcut.

We were starting to investigate options for remote access via Remote Desktop Services/Citrix. But as all users currently have access to the same server from external via Vmware Horizon client, just wondering what the shortfalls would be running the application via the Vmware Horizon client?

I know the application works as we have tested it via the Vmware Horizon client, but not sure of the risks etc as am not very familiar with Vmware Horizon.



I know nothing of VMware Horizon but have been using TSPlus for many years and it works well, no windows licenses needed. It can run via a browser if you want to run on a MAC or you can create a windows executable or you can use the tsplus app which you can get from the App store or Google apps.
You can give RDS or SAS access and has lots of features so worth a look.