Report to PDF and CHARSET:easteurope

Having problem with CHARSET:EASTEUROPE and SV PDF generator, can’t get correct display of some eastern european caracters when exporting report to pdf.
If i activate “Use Scan Copy Mode”, yes caracters are ok but then pdf is basically photo.
I would like to be able to activate “Scan Copy Mode” at runtime so user can choose mode. Don’t know is it true, but think it can be done with PDFReporter.SetScanCopyMode(true), unfortunately i’m unable to find right point to call it.
Any ideas?

Check wPDFControl. It supports Eastern European charsets and produces searchable PDFs

Leonid Chudakov
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Miro did you solve the problem, if not … contact me on my private mail for solution [email protected]

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Sv pdf was never working for eastern europe charset. Use wpdf or quickpdf…

Finally! In ver.13768 with new PDF library included “Image to PDF” eastern charset is solved.

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